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Agricultural properties which include the production of crops, equipment and real estate holdings have utilized the benefits of auction promotion for years.

Farmers have been actively participating in the timely and efficient sale of citrus production, wheat, corn and many other such products for generations upon generations. Auction marketing is by far the most prevalent in converting livestock, byproducts and other such agricultural assets into cash for as long as the agricultural trade has been in existence.

Agricultural real estate is no exception to the opportunities created when auction marketing is employed to timely and efficiently sell acreage of any size. Karlin Daniel & Associates embraces the time honored tradition of bringing sellers and buyers together in the agriculture community with credible auctions.


The concept of creating multiple parcels to sell a single large agricultural concern is nothing new. Skilled auctioneers that have the land division expertise to recognize and then execute the complex process of meeting various growth regulation and timely deliver an auction of real estate that allows buyers to bid and buy one parcel or many parcels of unique configuration, and compete with a large group of bidders and buyers simultaneously allowing all parcel buyers to compete on the entire acreage so that the significant number of acres found in large agricultural concerns can be sold in a single auction event. This process will result in maximum market recognition and top dollar achievement.

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