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Karlin Daniel & Associates has a long and successful history of selling commercial real estate at public auction. The selling of commercial real estate at public auction allows the seller to take a proactive stance to achieve true market value and determine the exact date their property will sell. In an ever changing market this allows the seller to avail themselves of today’s dollars as opposed to the uncertain value of their asset in the future. An auction of under performing assets can help sellers avoid protracted carrying and maintenance costs, equity erosion through long listing periods and immediate relief from tax and liability concerns.


Commercial real estate auctions bring the property to the forefront of the market in a transaction friendly environment with the terms for sellers and buyers set forth in advance, thus avoiding the burdensome conventional, negotiated sales methods wrought with offers, counter offers, and contingencies. Karlin Daniel & Associates develops a customized auction campaign for each property we sell combining our expert staff, most current demographics, media connections, and proprietary database to target potential bidders. Yes, we have sold properties like yours, but we make each auction a unique, positive experience.

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