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When selling Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment at public auction, having an auction company that has over two decades of experience with a database of buyers that have attended public auctions conducted by Karlin Daniel & Associates will prove to be the competitive advantage you will need to be assured of having a crowd of attendees ready to bid and buy. Issues such as the proper identification and inventorying of the items being sold, the auctioneer’s understanding of the flow of the auction when selling large corporate holdings and having the knowledge of the strategies involved in planning a sale order results in greater rates of returns for our sellers.

Karlin Daniel & Associates have been selected routinely to provide auction services to multi-national corporations, major lending institutions, US Bankruptcy Trustees, governmental entities, individuals wishing to redefine their operations along with many others. In each auction conducted by Karlin Daniel & Associates, we have been capable of reaching the enthusiastic groups of buyers for the Furniture, Fixtures or Equipment being sold at our public auction.


Our contact database systems integration together with our long term relationships with buyers of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment with past experiences in attending our auctions result in your auction being a success from the very beginning. These buyers and all those that wish to attend and buy at our auctions know that our involvement in itself is a result of a careful examination of the facts and circumstances surrounding the need to sell at auction and that we only accept auction projects from sellers that can deliver title to the products being sold at auction and do so without any reserves whatsoever. Our years of being the leading auction company in fair and honest dealings with millions of dollars in past auction events has helped us gain an edge over the competition when a seller wants to know that an enthusiastic crowd of buyers will attend their auction not as bystanders, but rather as a respectable crowd of buyers.

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