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Karlin Daniel & Associates has expertly provided auction services to estate administrators in hundreds of estate settlements. We recognize the need for heirs to know that each and every asset found within the subject estate is properly identified and represented in the advertising material used to promote the auction. Estate principles also need to be assured that a good decision was made in the selection of public auction as the vehicle to promote the assets. Selecting Karlin Daniel & Associates to deliver these auction services provides that assurance. Our knowledgeable staff provides the heirs with the comfort that their loved one’s prized possessions are properly exposed to the market and that the timely disposal of the estate owned assets were not only commercially reasonable but also the best option available to an estate administrator.

In our estate auctions, we are very careful not to exclude any heirs or family members from being encouraged to attend the live and public bidding auction. We often find that families that have opted to utilize our services due to the often significant collections of art, furnishings or other items, have done so simply because of the efficiency of the process.


The credibility component that is needed to drive the success of a public auction is naturally present in an estate environment. The certainty and urgency present in an estate matter combined with the quality of the items being sold in an estate settlement can produce greatly enhanced selling prices and deliver the highest amount of cash for the collective group of heirs. With our capability of online webcasting of items being sold combined with our legendary good attendance at estate auctions we are certain to achieve the results that will prevent family members and heirs from having any thoughts of having missed a better method for the timely disposal of the subject assets. Karlin Daniel & Associates will handle your estate matters with the dignity and professionalism that have been honed by years of service to beneficiaries, executors, their attorneys and trust officers.

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