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We have been delivering public auctions to assist governmental entities in their timely disposal of assets for over two decades. Our governmental auctions follow the same philosophy of conducting credible auctions that attract the public to participate and bid enthusiastically. We recognize the need of governmental and municipal entities to meet a higher standard of routine disposal services since the governmental concerns operate in an open and public format and must meet the public scrutiny of being fair and without any conflict of interest throughout the auction campaign.

Karlin Daniel & Associates has been an industry leader in this specialized area of providing auction services to governmental entities. We have been selected as the best provider of auction services time and time again with many of our governmental clients having over 20 years of uninterrupted reliance on our auction services. Our track record of excellence in delivering auction services to governments and municipalities is especially beneficial to private sellers, as well, since we have earned our reputation as the best auction company for public concerns, the private sector can be confident that our systems perform to a higher standard.


We maintain a higher level of delivery for many of the areas of auctions. These strategies and systems are often not even considered by those wishing to be truly competitive with our services. Our attention to detail includes being attuned to risk management controls, capabilities in handling very large numbers of attendees at a public auction, our financial capabilities in handling hundreds of thousands of dollars in trust for our clients, the capability of our staff to present complete and accurate (audited) proceeds accounting and a host of other important requirements demanded by the major governmental entities that have repeatedly ranked us as the auction company to depend upon.

Our experiences in selling for governmental and public municipalities includes, but is not limited to, the efficient and timely disposal of significant volumes of transactions of real property, all types of heavy equipment, vehicles, large and small duty trucks, cafeteria equipment, shop tools and equipment, medical equipment plus just about everything imaginable. Our track record of governmental type public auctions speaks volumes about our competence and capabilities. Why settle for less?

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